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The principle and function of smokeless electric BBQ grill

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Advantages and disadvantages of electric ovens:

Electric ovens are mostly household ovens. You can eat Korean barbecue and Japanese skewers at home. Like ovens, they have gradually become an indispensable electrical appliance in modern urban homes. Here is an introduction about the advantages and disadvantages of electric ovens.


1. It is suitable for indoor use, regardless of the limitation of the weather and the place, regardless of the outdoor rain and snow, you can enjoy the barbecue food warmly indoors.

2. There is less oily smoke. Electric ovens basically have oil leak holes and oil receiving pan designs. There will be no excess grease on the surface of the grilling pan, and it is not easy to produce oily smoke.


1. It cannot be grilled by braising, but can only be grilled by simple grilling.

2. It cannot be taken outdoors unless you have sufficient power supply.

3. The grilled food lacks the taste of open flame barbecue, but some electric ovens can be stuffed with wood to add a smoky flavor to the food.

The basic principle of smokeless grill:

Charcoal smokeless grill

Charcoal is the carbon dioxide released during the burning process, it is colorless and tasteless, and charcoal is burned, and it has no smoke. Ordinary barbecue grills smoke when making products because the oil and seasonings are dropped into the carbon fire when making the products.

Gas smokeless grill

Generally, a stainless steel furnace body is used, which is ignited by electronic pulse, and uses the burning and heat of liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas to heat the above four independent high-temperature crystal red gas heating plates and then bake food on the iron plate. Looking at the energy-saving component control, the electronic pulse switch can also control the size of the flame, which can be used to control the temperature of the iron plate, which is practical and convenient.

Electric smokeless barbecue grill

A direct-burning electric grill in which the heat source directly acts on the food. The oil drips off the food immediately during grilling. There is no repeated infiltration of the oil, that is, there is no oily frying and frying process, so the food contains less fat. The food out is the real barbecue taste.

Microwave smokeless grill

Microwave ovens use microwaves to pass through insulating materials such as glass, ceramics, and plastics, but they do not consume energy. Foods that contain moisture are not only impervious to microwaves, but the energy is absorbed instead. The outer shell of the microwave oven is made of stainless steel and other metal materials, which can prevent microwaves from escaping from the oven, so as not to affect people's health. The food container is made of insulating material. The heart of the microwave oven is the magnetron. This electron tube called a magnetron is a microwave generator, which can generate microwaves with a vibration frequency of 2.45 billion times per second. This invisible microwave can penetrate food to a depth of 5cm and cause water molecules in the food to move along with it. Vigorous exercise generates a lot of heat energy, so the food is "cooked".


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